On Being Human

So I found my notebook from my class my senior year called “On Being Human.” It was an amazing class. People shared their journals and it was just a safe space. 

I am going to blog a few updates to past posts so that I can see how I have changed from age 18 to age 32. 

So here’s one! 

Fill it out! Copy and paste and add your answers. There’s always such fluffy surveys. This one digs a little. 
I am- 


The most important fact that you should know about me is that- 

I have walked through hell and back a few times so I am the last person on earth that would ever judge you. 

The most interesting thing that happened to me recently was-

Finding the tub with all of my love notes between me and Matthew 

The thing that is most important to me is- 

Faith and family 

My dream is to be-

An aromatherapist 

The thing that I find most beautiful is-

Sunset!(same as highschool) 
My happiest memory is- aside from wedding and the birth of my kids which are everyone’s happiest usually I would say my happiest memories are at the beach. Ocean. Waves. Water. Especially when the beach includes watching the sunset. 

I am happiest when- I’m with my family and we aren’t using electronics at all. 

My unhappiest memory is- burying 3 of my beautiful perfect babies. 

I am most unhappy when- I don’t have coffee 😂

The worst thing that could happen to me would be- to lose someone I love 

The most important person in my life is- Matthew. (Same answer as high school) and my kids. 

The saddest thing I have ever experienced in my life was when- the doctors told us our baby(ies) had no heartbeat

I believe that-there is good in everyone yet everyone really can suck. 

The best news that I have gotten recently was- my good friend was released from the hospital after having seizures. I was scared for her. 

The most terrifying thing in the world to me is- drowning (family drowning) snakes, and the dark 

The person I trust the most is- Matthew

My parents are- polar opposites 

The best tv show, movie, book, or concert that I experienced recently was- Gypsy on Netflix 

The best thing that could happen to me would be- my kids grow up to do and be better than me. I’m great. That means they will kick ass. 

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