I don’t have crazy Texas pride. I am only a Texan because I live in Texas and it will be my home until we retire (who knows after that.) I love Texas though. The people are kind (unless driving, then they are psycho!!) The skies are gorgeous. The gulf is mediocre but better than no beach! The history is fun to learn about. There is ugly Texas and there are pretty parts. I want to be in the pretty parts always but that’s another story.The Tex-mex is the best. And if you like BBQ, it is done right in these parts.

I’ve learned to find beauty in the small and simple things. The sky, sunset, sunrise, flowers on the back fence, geckos, tiny flowers, birds, etc. When I slow down and really become mindful of what is around me there is a lot of beauty. IMG_9154 copy3.16.2018

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