Tattoo 1

I got to talk to this gorgeous momma for a while and I loved that every tattoo led to a story and another! It’s literally a roadmap of life. It is amazing!


Some of her words here:

“My most meaningful is a tie between my Phoenix and my Dire Wolf tattoos. My Phoenix was done two weeks after I had my first child. It has a Chinese symbol in the middle meaning love. To me, it stands for rebirth. I never thought I would have kids, in fact I didn’t like them. I went from hating children to being a mom and it completely changed my life. I was reborn a new person. My Dire Wolf was tattooed two weeks after having my last child. I got it for a mix of reasons. One- I love Game of Thrones, Two-It’s my husband’s favorite animal, so in a way it represents him, and three-the strength and determination it took to get me from child one to child four; I’m more like a momma wolf than a momma bear. “
 “I wish people would look at tattoos as a story. There’s reasons behind all of mine and they all mean something different. Whether I was going through hardships or joys. Also, being a mom with tattoos I get some dirty looks. It doesn’t make me a better or worse mom….just different. I love my children and do everything I can for them.”

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