Tattoo 2

This session was so much fun! Some of her thoughts: “I got my first tattoo at 18. It was a silly tear drop on my left thigh and everyone made fun of me, so I went bigger and more! “

“My favorite is the newest piece on my right forearm. The words were taken from a One Republic song and reminds me of my husband. He has always been my anchor and kept me grounded. The “Crash” tattoo is my special buddy dog. He was found in an ant pile on the side of the road when he was 5 weeks old. At 13, he passed away in 2016. Some dogs, well … he was my buddy dog. His ashes are tattooed in the ink. He’s always with me.

My next one will be a few tweaks and fixes to existing ones and then I will start the big one – full leg piece of an octopus. ”

“As far as anything else? You’re an open canvas – its YOUR story. Plan ahead because once its there … its there.

“No Regerts” ”

2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_12 copy2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_14aa copy2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_21aa

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