I am a big kombucha connoisseur.

I just started making it again for the 3rd time lol.


I add 4 cups of tap water into a pot, i use tap but you can use filtered


Bring it to a good boil and add like 5-6 organic black tea bags (other people use other ones this is just what i use)


I shut the burner off and let it brew for 6-8 minutes

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

I give it a few good stirs


I use this sugar




pour 1 cup into the tea and stir it really well, it needs to be dissolved completely


I pour the tea into a gallon glass container, NOT plastic, not metal, nothing metal should touch the scoby or the tea the scoby will touch


I fill the container 3/4 the way full with cold filtered water


leave enough room at the top for the scoby and the starter tea

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

Add the scoby


add the starter tea (about a cup or so )


Cover with an old t-shirt, coffee filter or fabric, secure tightly with a rubber band.


I let it is for like 8-12 days, but really just use a plastic straw, stick it below the scoby and taste it, when its as tart as you want or sweet as you want it is done.



booch part duece

I got bottles with flip tops, grolsch beer bottles to be exact, it keeps a nice seal for great fizz

booch part duece_2

This time I did blueberry, one raspberry because I ran out of blueberry

booch part duece_5

Fill the bottles almost completely full, usually I leave the next empty. It seems to fizz really well this way

booch part duece_3

I take my scoby out (before adding the tea to the bottles and also take out a cup of the tea, sit it aside in a glass container)

booch part duece_4

Isn’t she pretty

booch part duece_6

Brew the new batch of tea as I did here and add the scoby and the cup of the tea that you set aside, cover and brew for 8-12 days.


Now with the flip top bottles, I open mine daily to burp them so that they don’t explode. They are usually fizzy and flavorful enough for me after 3 days. I strain with a non metal fine mesh strainer and drink it up!!

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