Mt. Airy, North Carolina

Mayberry ❤ Be still my heart ❤

Mt. Airy is like a step back in time.

It is said that Mt. Airy is the inspiration for the setting of the Andy Griffith show.

We truly had a highlight that was huge!

We got to meet Betty Lynn aka Thelma Lou on the show. Thelma Lou played Barneys girl on the show and she was amazing! Gorgeous and sweet!

She signed Matthews picture “To The Piano Man” and then they got to talking about her mommas piano and how they couldn’t find a tuner back then and sure could have used him. Then he called me out and told on me. Told her that I never watched the show until I met him. So I said I have been watching for 16 years now and I love it!

She looked at Hannah when she went to sign her picture and looked up at her and said “You have such beautiful eyes, you are a beautiful girl!” It melted Hannah’

s heart and made her smile!

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