The Struggle

I was asked to name one thing that I have lied to myself about.

#1) That I am not good enough.
That I am not a good enough photographer to charge what I should be charging. People won’t see value in my work and be willing to pay that and people can always find someone decent for cheaper.

I found this meme rather honest.




It is the years of growing in knowledge and skill. If you are able to leave a session with me and say “Wow, that was fun!” AND love your pictures, that is a total win and totally priceless! I can no longer offer free sessions that take place in the evenings. It is unpaid time away from my family. When I do a model call it will be morning sessions on the weekdays so it will most likely be homeschooling kiddos or families. I always try to work with people and their different budgets but I also have to make a living!



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