Why is photography important?

I have had a hard year. We all have right?

I am sitting here at the end of 2020 reflecting.

What is my why?

Why am I a photographer?

Why is photography important to me?

Here is a few reasons.

One Sunday years back at a church we used to be a part of, the pastor approached me and asked if I could photograph the church directory pictures. I of course said yes and figured it out and learned as I went along. It went amazing. I photographed one family and that night the dad had a heart attack while driving, crashed, and died.

I photographed a gorgeous family one year. Seriously so sweet and beautiful. They had a big bunch of people with sweet big hearts. Their love just oozed out of them. They were fun! Later in the year (or the next) I see condolences. The son killed himself.

I got asked to photograph two brothers. One brother had his cancer come back again and it was terminal. he did not have long left on this earth and they wanted to capture the brothers in uniform. It was a moving session. I was in tears the whole time.

One time I got to photograph a sweet kids baptism. He had a brain tumor. Terminal. Mom got pictures to cherish forever.

We are not promised tomorrow, we are not promised the next moment. I just want to capture as many moments for you as I can. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Don’t put off your session because you need to lose weight or have the right outfit. Don’t put it off! Sessions are so easy and they are fun. No stress, no pressure. Just love and capturing memories.

There are so many pictures that I wish I had.

I try not to make that mistake anymore.

Take the picture

Be in front of the camera.

Embrace you!

Capture the memories.

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