Why do you take so many pictures?

What is the importance? Why not just live life? Well because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, and it takes a second to snap a picture and capture that moment in time. I cherish the few pictures I got of my grammy the last time they visited because she is gone now.

Always looking out for us

Never letting us suffer

Our best interest was placed first

You always acted as the buffer

You helped our lives immensely

I watched your love intently

I learned an infinite amount

You were my solid ground

It’s been a year without you

A year I needed you near

A year I craved your wisdom

A year I shed so many tears.

I am better in life because of you

I am a better wife because of you

I am a better person because of you.

Thank you for bearing our burdens 

thank you for shouldering the weight 

thank you for loving us deeply 

for teaching us never to hate. 

I miss you but you live on 

you left bits of you in our hearts

you may be gone

but we are never apart

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