Matt Maher

So I got this huge opportunity to go to a Matt Maher concert through an awesome organization that he has been a part of.

I am not good with artist names and what songs they do. I knew him from “What a friend” and “Hold us together”

Little did I know that several songs were HUGE in helping me get through some tough stuff in life. So when we sat at the concert my mind was blown. I was biting my cheek so that I wouldn’t cry. Like ugly cry. It was such a beautiful hour. Best hour of my life ❤

Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry

So the Country Music Hall of Fame was great! I wish I had went without kids though so that I could read and learn more. lol. Museums are wasted with kids. But it was really cool and I took a lot of pictures of what i wanted to read so that I can read it all now.

We also got to go to the Grand Ole Opry. I have wanted to go since i was a kid. Like forever. I was in AWE!!!! It was late and I was tired but it blew my mind!! We went to a hymn sing and it was part of a music conference. The audience all knew their parts to all of the hymns and that room sounded like Heaven, it was glorious!!

Mt. Airy, North Carolina

Mayberry ❤ Be still my heart ❤

Mt. Airy is like a step back in time.

It is said that Mt. Airy is the inspiration for the setting of the Andy Griffith show.

We truly had a highlight that was huge!

We got to meet Betty Lynn aka Thelma Lou on the show. Thelma Lou played Barneys girl on the show and she was amazing! Gorgeous and sweet!

She signed Matthews picture “To The Piano Man” and then they got to talking about her mommas piano and how they couldn’t find a tuner back then and sure could have used him. Then he called me out and told on me. Told her that I never watched the show until I met him. So I said I have been watching for 16 years now and I love it!

She looked at Hannah when she went to sign her picture and looked up at her and said “You have such beautiful eyes, you are a beautiful girl!” It melted Hannah’

s heart and made her smile!

Family Visit

We had Matthews sister and her family in town for a few days! We went to Galveston and Kemah. Today is a down day at home since they leave early tomorrow morning. We are going to just hang here today and relax.

We went to Kemah yesterday and went into the pizza place next to the little arcade. We ate in the seating area between the restaurant and the arcade and the music was so LOUD! As we were ordering a man was drilling in there and it was loud. Jace covered his ears and almost cried it was so well. He has sensitive ears.

So when we went to the sitting area and the music was so loud the waitress lady went and turned the music down for us. She came back and said she is on the autism spectrum and she understands being sensitive to noises. She came back and gave Jace earplugs. She said she always carries two pairs. She was so kind and thoughtful to try to make his visit to their restaurant better. She truly made my day! That music was terrible and she realized it and was so helpful. I wish I would have gotten her picture. Truly a gem!



I have been struggling with a lot. My brain is foggy. My eyes are so tired I have been struggling to stay awake. My joints hurt. My heart palpitates. I work out and eat clean and gain weight. It’s nearly impossible for this darn weight to come off and it’s not for lack of trying.

I feel miserable all the time. I suck it up and accept it as life but it really gets to me some days.

I look at my three blessings and they just make all the difference. Those kids mean the world to me. Even when I feel like crap. They are so sweet. God really knew what he was doing blessing me with them. I am so thankful. Now. Here’s to hoping I find a new doc soon that can prescribe me a new medicine. I’m going to call around next week and see.