The Struggle

I was asked to name one thing that I have lied to myself about.

#1) That I am not good enough.
That I am not a good enough photographer to charge what I should be charging. People won’t see value in my work and be willing to pay that and people can always find someone decent for cheaper.

I found this meme rather honest.




It is the years of growing in knowledge and skill. If you are able to leave a session with me and say “Wow, that was fun!” AND love your pictures, that is a total win and totally priceless! I can no longer offer free sessions that take place in the evenings. It is unpaid time away from my family. When I do a model call it will be morning sessions on the weekdays so it will most likely be homeschooling kiddos or families. I always try to work with people and their different budgets but I also have to make a living!



Park day with friends

When your friend says meet me at the park you meet her at the park! I love the warm sunset light ❤

Some people edit a sky into the picture when its blown out like this but I love it just as it is. I love the kids movement and the carefree feel of the pictures.

It was perfect weather and the pictures turned out great! The only downfall was me kneeling in fire ants and having 45883939 crawling all over my pants. I almost stripped in public. Hahahahahahah

The Aquatic Academy

Guys I love coach Charyl at the Aquatic academy.

So much.

I started my kiddo in swim lessons. She’s 11. She was always too scared but seemed ready to finally learn.

My kid is the one on the right. Anyways. She can swim. I wonder if she doesn’t believe she can. Coach sees what she can do and pushes her. My daughter doubts herself and fights coach on doing things. Coach Charyl does not give in. Pushes her hard. The best thing is she just pours goodness into her. She looks her in the eyes and makes her repeat positive affirmations all the time. I can do it. I can swim. I have lungs of steel. And on and on.

I fully trust with coach Charyl loving and pushing her she will be a confident swimmer in no time.