Pride Pictures

I have a strong conviction to provide completely free photo sessions to the LGBTQ community. I am not sure how long I will offer this but I feel like right now I need to just keep it going.

I am a christian and I love Jesus and I also support everyone on this earth and their right to exhibit their free will and live the live they live.
I have read, seen, and heard too much hatred coming from Jesus loving folks and it hurts my heart. You can agree and disagree with people and LOVE.

Hearing of people that refuse to ever step back into a church because of how poorly they were treated because they are gay just breaks me. So as a church-going person this is one way that I can just love on and support the community that holds a special place in my heart.


2018.6.15M_3 copy2018.6.15M_19bb copy2018.6.15M_40 copy



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