Behold! Christmas musical

So we are loving our new church! These pictures are from the music they did in the middle of December that was AMAZING!!  First Baptist Friendswood  has been the hugest blessing! We are growing in our faith, we have made great friends, the small group Sunday School class we are in is amazing, and the pastor preaches in a way that leaves you thinking about it and changing yourself for the better each week.


So this rainbow baby of mine is such a joy. I think he knows he’s awesome. He dances always. If he’s not dancing then he’s singing. It’s the cutest darn thing ever.

We get to church early for band practice. He plays on the playground but as soon as the music starts he drops what he’s doing and he starts walking in a circle and dancing. If he has something to hold for a “microphone” he usually does a mic drop at the end too 😂

In Walmart the other day he locked eyes with the lady behind us checking out and started singing to her really loud. She seems grumpy but he had her laughing within 20 seconds.

I think that Timothy and Daniel and even Ryley (our heaven babies) asked God to give zoomie some extra sass and hamminess. I love every second of this adventure.

How is this photography related? It’s not. Lol. He’s just cute.

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