Family Pic 2017.png

We had my friend snap a pic for us before church last week.

We are awesome ❤

Like we have been through so darn much and we have come out better and stronger.

Hannah is my little mother hen, baby lover, guitar playing, artist. Zoomie is my squishy love, singer, dancer, ball playing, funny boy. Bubba is my sarcastic, literal, violin playing, master lego builder. Superman, he is Superman. He works his butt off every single day for us. He is hilarious, kind, and just so much fun. I could not be more blessed.


I did a session for some really close family friends last year on our visit.

She was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to get some good shots of her and her husband.

She died this week. I’m so sad.

I look at these pictures and I’m thankful we did the session. I’m thankful for these pictures. I’m thankful for the memories we got taking the pictures.

Don’t wait for a family session. Don’t feel like you have to lose weight first or something. People want to see you and not some version of you that you feel you need to be.

Moments fly by so quickly and then someone you love is gone.

Life and things

So Hurricane Harvey turned into a little jerk and flooded a lot of my friends out of their homes.

We evacuated.

We are happy we didn’t flood but we are crushed and feel helpless for our friends.

Fires are burning. Longview WA is so smoky kids aren’t getting recess. Thousands of acres gone because a kid wanted to throw a firecracker in the forest.

My mom is…… I don’t have adequate words but she’s stressing me out.

My uncle can’t find his kid. She’s in her twenties but I’m pretty sure she’s on drugs. I have no idea where her son is or how he is. I hoped better for her.

we went to the Dallas Botanical gardens one day while we were evacuated to get our minds relaxed. It was amazing there. the zoo had a free day for Houston evacuees. It was really neat! The plus was it’s super shaded at that zoo which was nice.

my sweet daughter had her birthday while we were evacuated so I’m thankful we were able to make it fun for her still!

Abbott Family


Could they be any more gorgeous!?!?!?! We did this session on the hottest day EVER, suffocating hot. These gorgeous people pulled it off amazingly. I love the large trees, the crazy branches, the front porch, everything about this session location was DIVINE!! The family was easy and fun! Some days i get tired and annoyed with this profession and some days i LOVE what I do! This day was LOVE! ❤


They are stressful and amazing. Kids are joyous and energy sucking. They are a true and beautiful gift from God.

I'm trying to capture my moments more. Too often I forget to pull out my camera.

I was shooting with my broken lens. My favorite lens. I'm trying to save for a new one. This poor guys only focuses half of the time.

Funny story. I bought the lens new two years ago on amazon. I bring it to the camera repair shop and he said it's useless and from the 1990's. Not brand new. I paid a brand new price. Talk about bummed. So I get to start over again. People suck.
Not you 🤓 just everyone else!

On Being Human

So I found my notebook from my class my senior year called “On Being Human.” It was an amazing class. People shared their journals and it was just a safe space. 

I am going to blog a few updates to past posts so that I can see how I have changed from age 18 to age 32. 

So here’s one! 

Fill it out! Copy and paste and add your answers. There’s always such fluffy surveys. This one digs a little. 
I am- 


The most important fact that you should know about me is that- 

I have walked through hell and back a few times so I am the last person on earth that would ever judge you. 

The most interesting thing that happened to me recently was-

Finding the tub with all of my love notes between me and Matthew 

The thing that is most important to me is- 

Faith and family 

My dream is to be-

An aromatherapist 

The thing that I find most beautiful is-

Sunset!(same as highschool) 
My happiest memory is- aside from wedding and the birth of my kids which are everyone’s happiest usually I would say my happiest memories are at the beach. Ocean. Waves. Water. Especially when the beach includes watching the sunset. 

I am happiest when- I’m with my family and we aren’t using electronics at all. 

My unhappiest memory is- burying 3 of my beautiful perfect babies. 

I am most unhappy when- I don’t have coffee 😂

The worst thing that could happen to me would be- to lose someone I love 

The most important person in my life is- Matthew. (Same answer as high school) and my kids. 

The saddest thing I have ever experienced in my life was when- the doctors told us our baby(ies) had no heartbeat

I believe that-there is good in everyone yet everyone really can suck. 

The best news that I have gotten recently was- my good friend was released from the hospital after having seizures. I was scared for her. 

The most terrifying thing in the world to me is- drowning (family drowning) snakes, and the dark 

The person I trust the most is- Matthew

My parents are- polar opposites 

The best tv show, movie, book, or concert that I experienced recently was- Gypsy on Netflix 

The best thing that could happen to me would be- my kids grow up to do and be better than me. I’m great. That means they will kick ass.