Family Session

This family was so fun!

It is always fun when I get to do a session with a super fun family! We shot at the park. We decided on no sit and cheese type of photos. We tried to keep it really candid. I also wanted to try to shoot the whole session in black and white. *swoon* It was amazing!

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I have been struggling with a lot. My brain is foggy. My eyes are so tired I have been struggling to stay awake. My joints hurt. My heart palpitates. I work out and eat clean and gain weight. It’s nearly impossible for this darn weight to come off and it’s not for lack of trying.

I feel miserable all the time. I suck it up and accept it as life but it really gets to me some days.

I look at my three blessings and they just make all the difference. Those kids mean the world to me. Even when I feel like crap. They are so sweet. God really knew what he was doing blessing me with them. I am so thankful. Now. Here’s to hoping I find a new doc soon that can prescribe me a new medicine. I’m going to call around next week and see.

Tattoo 3

I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. Growing up I’ve always like tattoos as a form of permanent art on your body that tells a story and I was ready to start my story. I would have to say my favorite tattoo that I have is my tribal art with the words “Teufel Hunde” which means Devil Dog (Before all the Marines our there try and say I spelled it wrong “Hunde” is singular and “Hunden” is plural). This tattoo means a lot to me because of my time in the Marine Corps. To me it represents the all of the hard work and dedication not only I put into the Marines but also the sacrifices my family has made supporting me. I have plans to finish my left leg which is a military theme and start on my right leg which will be a law enforcement theme since that is my new career. I would like to sleeve out both of my arms with more tribal or maybe have it tell a still unknown life story. I believe society has started to come around and see tattoos socially acceptable in most professions. I would tell people who are not tattooed and/or think tattooing is for trouble makers, don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover.2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_1aa copy2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_2aa copy2018.6.11 Tattoo Mini Gerhard Tauss_4aa copy