Secret Pathways

I am a creature of habit. I go to the park I like, do the sessions in the spot that I like, and I go home.

I did my daughter and her friends pictures at the same park. Her friend is adventurous, way more than I am, and we ventured down a path that I have never explored! I do not know why it took a 17 year old kid to give me courage to take a path never travelled.

I think it is just a lovely little spot! I did not see any signs about it being private property or anything so we explored for a bit! Lots of green grass, trees, and water! Not the prettiest water, but water nonetheless. Probably a few snakes too…….

My point in all of this is that I reminded myself that I need to scout out more locations because this whole new look has always been at the same ole park that I have gone to weekly for 2 years!

Dogs are Family too!

I think sometimes the sweetest sessions are of the family dog. Dog’s bring so much joy and they truly are your best friend. It is sweet and sad to see sage, old, wise dogs and their gray hair. Their doggy wisdom is vast but you know they are not guaranteed to be around a lot longer. Just like people, dog’s aren’t guaranteed tomorrow either. We need to capture their beauty and joy today! Every day that you get with your pup is a blessing, and no matter how many years you have with them, it never seems long enough!

I approach pet sessions letting the owner play with the animal, bring toys, and treats, and I just am a “fly on the wall” capturing the interactions!