Behold! Christmas musical

So we are loving our new church! These pictures are from the music they did in the middle of December that was AMAZING!!  First Baptist Friendswood  has been the hugest blessing! We are growing in our faith, we have made great friends, the small group Sunday School class we are in is amazing, and the pastor preaches in a way that leaves you thinking about it and changing yourself for the better each week.

Couples session!

I wanted to do a session with an older couple. I wanted to show love that has lasted and endured. These two were a hoot! They were super fun! Gorgeous! I just loved it!

I think that as you age maybe you don’t want to get in front of the camera as much, trust me, your family wants you to!! Your family wants the pictures!

Williams Family

So one day we invited over this family to dinner. They thought we needed to talk to them about something. Like they thought we had ulterior motives. We were like no way, just wanna be your friends!! Lol!!

I am so glad we stepped out of our comfort zone and invited them because they have such a huge place in my heart. Keyana is the best, sweetest friend that is the most like me. She always gets me.

They are always so kind, funny, and encouraging. The kids are the sweetest too! ❤ Plus she makes great shirts!