We had my friend snap a pic for us before church last week. We are awesome ❤ Like we have been through so darn much and we have come out better and stronger. Hannah is my little mother hen, baby lover, guitar playing, artist. Zoomie is my squishy love, singer, dancer, ball playing, funny boy.... Continue Reading →


I did a session for some really close family friends last year on our visit. She was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to get some good shots of her and her husband. She died this week. I'm so sad. I look at these pictures and I'm thankful we did the session. I'm thankful for these... Continue Reading →


Kids are funny. Really funny. It is always interesting during the session when kids happen to fall asleep in the car on the way to the session. I mean picture it, nice comfortable sleep, park, wake up, and have a camera in your face. No Thanks! So I have extra patience. Its hard being a... Continue Reading →


So this rainbow baby of mine is such a joy. I think he knows he's awesome. He dances always. If he's not dancing then he's singing. It's the cutest darn thing ever. We get to church early for band practice. He plays on the playground but as soon as the music starts he drops what... Continue Reading →


I Love Fall. It is my favorite time of year. Flannel, hoodies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, pumpkin everything, Halloween, warm colors. Here in Texas we do not often get good color changes. Its sad. It happened well one year and that was amazing! Anyways I have to fake it in photoshop, and I do just... Continue Reading →

Life and things

So Hurricane Harvey turned into a little jerk and flooded a lot of my friends out of their homes. We evacuated. We are happy we didn't flood but we are crushed and feel helpless for our friends. Fires are burning. Longview WA is so smoky kids aren't getting recess. Thousands of acres gone because a... Continue Reading →

Abbott Family

  Could they be any more gorgeous!?!?!?! We did this session on the hottest day EVER, suffocating hot. These gorgeous people pulled it off amazingly. I love the large trees, the crazy branches, the front porch, everything about this session location was DIVINE!! The family was easy and fun! Some days i get tired and... Continue Reading →


They are stressful and amazing. Kids are joyous and energy sucking. They are a true and beautiful gift from God. I'm trying to capture my moments more. Too often I forget to pull out my camera. I was shooting with my broken lens. My favorite lens. I'm trying to save for a new one. This... Continue Reading →

On Being Human

So I found my notebook from my class my senior year called "On Being Human." It was an amazing class. People shared their journals and it was just a safe space.  I am going to blog a few updates to past posts so that I can see how I have changed from age 18 to... Continue Reading →

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